Horror At Night

After midnight, I felt a piercing scream,A chill that ran down my body and confused I
looked out the window and could not believe what I was seeing.A huge shadow on the wall showed how stabbing a helpless woman in despair to escape, falls on the edge of the sidewalk and I could prove with  pain and fear, that the woman was pregnant, only I could managed to ask in desperation to let her free and as it felt my screams it came out running.
When I came down the stairs my legs were shaking, arriving to the door far away the sirens could be heard, the neighbors had worn the police.
As a arrived near the women reaching her side, I lean beside her taking my hands and quietly asked me to help her, she was pregnant for any thing in the world she wanted lose her baby.Her tears wet my hands and I could only stroke her head and ask her to bear.
They were coming to her aid and she stared at me and with her eyes filled with tears, she knew that her life and her baby’s would be dashed, she stroked her stomach and just felt a deep sigh and a silence that made me feel a chill coming down my back.
Medics arrived and their hands were empty, only found, death.

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